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About Centaure

Centaure is a platform which connects two parties on a live streaming session thereby making the process of consultation and advisory much more flexible. The users can make an appointment with doctors, lawyers, psychiatrist, teachers, agents, etc and pre-book them with a few clicks. All sessions should be private and simply have a review system. We can also arrange cryptocurrency consultations including bitcoin trading methods. For more information please see: https://insidebitcoins.com/bitcoin-trading

Booking an appointment through phone calls or going to offices in-person won’t be necessary anymore.

Some Highlights


Centaure is designed to bring flexibility to the current mode of booking appointments.


Making the consultancy & advisory sessions affordable for everyone.


Linking advisers and advise seekers from all around the world.

No Setup Fee

Start your services without spending a dime as setup expenses.


Centaure token is built on the Ethereum blockchain to provide a decentralized solution for advisers and advise seekers.


Provides a secure blockchain based channel of payments and communication and runs like other crypto exchanges.

How It Works

How It Works Seller/Advisor How It Works Buyer/Advise-Seeker



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Our Team

" Somewhere, Something Incredible Is Waiting to Be Known .. "
- Carl Sagan

Raza Rizvi

CEO, Co-founder      

Actively involved in the cryptocurrency space since 2012. He decided to concentrate on monitoring the crypto market and has been quite successful when it comes to capitalizing on assets. His vast knowledge in this area has led him to set up his own token based platform.

" Successful People Do What Unsuccessful People Are Not Willing To Do.
Don't Wish It Were Easier, Make Yourself Better! "
- Jim Rohn

Usama Afzal

COO, Co-founder      

He studied software engineering and has been an active programmer for the last 5 years. He gained interest in Bitcoin, block chain and everything concerning the cryptocurrency space. His main focus is on the block chain development and likes to create smart contracts in his spare time.

" A Brand Is No Longer What We Tell It Is, It Is What Consumers Tell Each Other It Is.. "
- Scott Cook

Zain Haider

CMO, Co-founder      

Despite of being from the programming background, his main area of interest is marketing. Zain started his journey back in 2006 through blogging. Gradually he learned and implemented his marketing skills to create multiple authoritative blogs.

Qasim Ashraf

Lead Developer   

Arsalan Latif

Front-end Developer   

Muzammil Shakir

Social Media Manager

Abbas Lakhani

Marketing Manager   

Jonathan Ogheneovo

Content Manager

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